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Professional Window Tinting

Our regular blog readers know that having a window tint on the windows of a car helps to reduce the amount of glare and heat buildup as well as enhancing privacy for the car’s occupants. There are two basic options for consumers who wish to get the windows of their car tinted. They can get a window tinting kit which allows them to do the job themselves, or they can obtain the services of a professional. Although it is cheaper to use a DIY window tint kit, there are definite advantages to using a professional.

Here are five good reasons why you should avoid using a do-it-yourself kit to tint your car windows:

1. Knowledgeable About Local Regulations Regarding Car Window Tints

Many jurisdictions such as provinces and cities specify limits on how dark a window tint can be because of safety concerns of police officers making a traffic stop. A professional window tinting company is likely to be very knowledgeable regarding the latest changes to window tint laws. Some shops may offer tinting that is darker than what is legally allowed but most professional shops, including ours, want to apply tints that are within legal limits to protect their customers. This is an advantage that DIY kits cannot offer since you cannot get away with a violation by simply telling the officer that you did not know the law.

2. Better Quality Of Film

Unless you spend a lot of money to obtain a high-quality kit, you are likely to get a film that is poor quality in comparison to that which is used by window-tinting professionals. Window tint film is difficult to use, especially for a person applying it for the first time, since the slightest breeze can make the film crinkle or crease, and very often, dust and debris will stick to the film. If you pay to get a high-grade kit, you may end up paying a high price that can cost as much as a professional window tint installation.

3. You Don’t Get A Second Chance If There Is A Mistake

Even if you are successful at applying a DIY window tint film to the windows of your car, the job may be less than perfect. So, can you try it again? Not really. It is very tricky to remove window film as the adhesive is extremely sticky. If you do need to apply it again, you will have to buy a new kit, and this will make your cost double, which wipes out any money you save by doing it yourself.

4. No Refund, No Warranty With DIY Kits

If there is a problem with the window tint done by Diversity, we will redo it for you, and you will get a warranty replacement. If you make a mistake on your DIY kit, you will probably need to purchase another kit. After the DIY window tint film is on your car window, you cannot simply take it off and return it to the store for a warranty.

5. Get Professional Installation At A Very Affordable Price

Consumers typically get DIY kits to save money. However, a low-quality kit for tinting windows will not protect your car or the occupants. For example, people often want to install window tints to protect the interior of the car against cracking and fading. Low-quality window tint film does not offer such protection for your car.

The low-quality film can provide a bit of extra shade for the interior of the car, but it will not give long-lasting protection from the harmful rays of the sun. It is therefore wise to invest more money to have a professional install a mid-grade or high-grade tint. Call us now to get a start on having a high-quality window tint job for your vehicle.